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SAF Clothing
Saf clothing is an online retailer providing organic cotton clothing . All Saf men’s, women’s and children’s cotton t-shirts and polo shirts are made from 100% Organic cotton, fully accredited and monitored to verify that the clothing is ethical both in the material it uses and in the methods of production. provides a quick and easy way to purchase organic clothing online.

Saf was established in 2005, with a commitment to do business differently and make a positive impact on people and the environment. Saf garments use only organic, ethically sourced cotton. Ethics and Transparency are at the core of the business from seed to Saf. We have visited the farms where our cotton comes from and factories where Saf clothing is manufactured. We are the first to video these processes and put them on the website so you can see exactly where your clothing comes from for yourself. Saf lives up to its tagline – Organic Clothing, Ethically Made, Worn with pride.

For More information on Saf and Organic cotton please see Saf Organic Clothing.